AC180 Extension Cord

Hi, new to solar. I purchased 4 AC 180’s. Love my units. Live in a two story home. The units were purchased specifically for backup usage during rolling power outages. The units are pretty heavy for me to carry up stairs. I found the extension cord below on Amazon. Do you think it can be used with the Bluetti AC 180? If not, please recommend an alternative cord. Thanks in advance.


It depends on what you’re doing with it. Are you going to use it for DC? Keep in mind that the longer the cord the greater the resistance. The greater the resistance the more voltage drop, heat buildup etc. etc. It’s probably not a huge deal in your case but I couldn’t say not knowing what your intended use it. I would like to think 14G is a heavy enough wire to serve your needs.

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Hello, thanks for responding. I have 2 Renogy 100 watt panels that are connected to extension cables running into the house. The extension cables are connected to the D050S which is used to charge the battery via the DC7909. I’m thinking I can connect the extension cable to the DC7909 which should me enough length to make it up the stairs and into the AC180. If the power drop is too low I considered adding 2 more 100 watt panels in Series & Parallel configuration. The specifications for my panels are below.

Forgot to mention that the extension cables coming into the house are 10 AGW. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks for all your help.

It is NOT recommended to connect D050S to AC180. There may be compatibility issues between D050S and AC180.
There is also no point in charging the AC180 or AC180P with the D050S as their PV input voltage range is the same and adding the D050S would only result in higher losses. In addition, there are losses due to the resistance of the long supply line.

What may well work better is to use a 30 foot cable with solar panel MC4 connectors. Just go directly from the panels to the solar input connectors on your AC180, and bypass the D050S altogether. I would think you would getter better charging performance.

These are the cables that I use, but there are other brands as well.

Thanks for sharing the complications between the AC180 and D050S. Sometimes I take the DC7909 and plug it into the AC180 for a few minutes so I can see how many watts are coming in. Won’t do that anymore. I have the cables you recommended running from the solar panels into the house. I didn’t want to tack those cables on the side of the steps. I was hoping that the cable above would work because it would be safer and easier to install on the trim going up the steps.

Thanks! I’m going to give these a try.

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