Ac180 distractions

Hey guys this isn’t a post about any problems with my ac180. However, I was wondering if anyone has any “broken heart” remedies revolving energy. I currently live out of my sprinter van with two 320watt panels on top and am looking for some serious projects/changes just to distract my mind from some unpleasant clarity. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate. Kind of a funny post but happy charging everyone! :)

Hi @rbecker28
You could build something monitor related or record you daily income/outcome from Solarenergy. Build statistics, try different angles for the panels and see if its effect you energy income. Something like this? Im sure it eats a lot of time and you can optimize your setup.

Beside that, wish you all the best, head up buddy!



Try designing an building a frame/system to allow you to tilt your panels for optimum solar capture. To be more mind-filling consider mechanisms that will allow either a forward/backward tilt and a side-to-side tilt. Or even both directions simultaneously!

Either way, I hope your heart heals quickly!

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Thanks for the response! Yes that seems like it would be an efficient way to occupy time. I live up in Lake Tahoe, Ca and I currently track the solar input based on my location. My next step is to program an automated monitor that keeps track for me so that I can find more tasks! I appreciate it man!

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Thanks for your response! Currently I have my solar panels bolted onto SuperStrut and have not been able to find angle brackets that could support the weight of my two panels. Roughly 40 lbs each. I have recently been tracking the solar based on my location up in Tahoe, Ca and it’s been pretty fun given the varying altitudes. I appreciate it! Have a good one man!

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