Ac180 cooling fan

Received my AC180 on June 23rd. Used it for 6 minutes powering my home vacuum cleaner on June 25th. Let it sit overnight. On June 26th, used to run my television and Apple TV. Both devices utilized approximately 100W total per the Bluetti app. Approximately 2 minutes into this “experiment” the AC180 cooling fan came on ( not being charged) and did not turn off for the entire 1 hour run. Fan noise is very disracting.
This seems strange that a continuous cooling fan is necessary for a 100W load on an 1800W inverter.
What does Bluetti advise?

Hi look at this posting and responses from Bluetti, it should help.

My firmware is:
ARM V2073.03
DSP V2077-04
BMS V1033.05
40030QC23180307 from label on bottom of device

Bluetti is working on a firmware update on the fan operational parameters. Be patient and update your firmware when it shows available in the app.

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@bluetti_jnjtenngmailcom Hi, could you please provide me with the SN display on the APP or screen, then we can send the software update.

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Serial number is AC1802319001874447


@bluetti_jnjtenngmailcom Thank you for the information. The firmware will be updated in 12 hrs.

Firmware installed. Fan now stays off with an AC draw of 100W. Are the fans controlled to a temperature point or a Watt draw rate?
Please let me know the values.

The fans are controlled by both temperature and wattage output as well as charging input. I do not know the specific values though.

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@bluetti_jnjtenngmailcom For fans of AC180, we update a new firmware. Did you update it and test it? Could you please share some updates?