AC180 Charging Input

Hello All,

I own an AC180, is it bad to charge the device with low solar inputs?

On a normal sunny Day i get around 340-350W from my solar panels but on cloudy days i only get around 40W sometimes lower.

Will I damage my unit if it’s only getting 50W or lower from solar panels?

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Don’t worry, as long as the VOC does not exceed the machine’s rating, it will not damage the host. However, if the PV input value is lower than the machine’s own consumption, the machine is discharging rather than charging.


Right. But that’s still fine, right? I mean, i still would want to farm whatever the sun can offer rather than charge it through the AC?

Is it bad to always keep the charge back up to 100% or is there a certain percentage range I should keep the unit to prolong the battery life all throughout the years?

Yes, it’s no problem don’t worry about it.
If the machine is loaded, it will not be at 100% charge all the time after connecting the PV. If it is no load, charging to 100% can be properly disconnected from the PV.


Hi, so your saying it is ok to charge my new AC180 from a 100w solar panel, and would I be ok I not affect warranty like I read in the supplied manual? also, if I bought another 100w portable panel and string them up in series, wouod that be ok.

Thanks in advance

The 100W panel is able to charge the AC180 if it is within the VOC range. However, because of the low power, the charging process will be very slow.
The VOC (individual panel value multiplied by 2) of two 100W solar panels connected in series is still within the AC180 range, which also allows for PV charging.


A current of 7.9A is input to AC180 with a 200W 20V 10A solar panel. I want to input MAX 10A.

@BLUETTI_CARE thank you

A current of 7.9A is input to AC180 with a 200W 20V 10A solar panel. I want to input MAX 10A.

How do you enter the password in ac180?

I am very sorry, after confirming we found that AC180 does not have the function to set the input current. :pleading_face:

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@BLUETTI_CARE understood. is there another way ? For example, is it possible to change the input current limit to 10A by updating the firmware?

After reconfirming, there is no option for adjusting the current on AC180 at this time.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

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I charged the AC180 with a solar panel. As shown in the video, charging is interrupted several times per hour. There are no obstacles around. The weather is clear with no clouds. Battery capacity is 57%. Is this a malfunction?

@jack893 I suggest that you can charge AC180 via car to test if this situation appears, if there is no problem with the car charging, you can change a solar charging cable to test it. I suspect it is the defective cable.

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@BLUETTI_CARE I own 6 AC180s. All AC180 have such a problem. A car charger is fine. Even if I replace the solar cable, the problem comes out. Problems occur at the maximum output of the solar panel. The solar panel is LVYUAN 200W.

@BLUETTI_CARE Isn’t it an MPPT bug? MPPT limits the charging current to 8A. Could it be cutting off charging by exceeding the 8A limit?

@jack893 It is normal that the PV input will bounce at first, later PV input will stabilize. By the way, please check whether the sunshine is always in a stable state. AC180 will limit the current but it will not cut off charging.

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@BLUETTI_CARE The sun is steady. At the same time as disconnection, the sound of the internal relay sounds twice in succession. The problem occurs when the charging current is 7.9A or 8.0A. This issue also occurred with the test firmware above. Hearing the relay sound is internally controlled.

@BLUETTI_CARE I made a mc4to cigarette cable and connected it to the car’s 24v with a bluetti mc4toDC7909 cable. Works without being cut off. If I connect it to the solar panel with the same bluetti cable, it cuts off once every few minutes at about dc20v 7.9A.