AC180 change the charge rate?300w too low 1100 too high

So i have an AC180 that I sometimes want to charge with the 1000w inverter in my truck when there is no sun for solar. I also have an EB150 that I can charge from as well, but it too has a 1000w inverter. So the AC180 has three charge speeds. 300,1100,1400. 300 is too low, and a 1100 is too high for both inverters. Can this be manually adjusted somehow? Ecoflow you can input any number you want. This is a handy feature. Any way to do this on the AC180?

The feature of being able to set a charge rate with finer increments is a great feature and was not accepted by Bluetti on the 180 when introduced as a desirable. Perhaps if many users chimed in that they would prefer to have the adjustable charge rate in 100 watt increments like their competitors have they may offer the change in a firmware upgrade.

Thanks Scott. I replied to my other thread, looks like I may have created two by accident.

This is really silly that you can’t do this. The gap between 300 or 1100 is huge. not a lot of difference between 1100 and 1400. I can think of a million different situations where I would need to charge higher than 300 but below 1000w. Come on Bluetti, this is basic stuff. It’s 2024