AC180 But solar panel is 14A

I have a 40V, 550W solar panel. But the problem is it’s 14A. Our AC180 can only handle 10A. Can you help? Will a charge controller be of any use?

Hi jayar you don’t need to worry the AC180 will only draw the max of 10a you can go over amps but never volts or you would damage the unit.


Also have a 180, as far as I know, your 40V is lower than the maximum 60V, which is important. The unit will limit the 14A to 10A max, which means in optimal conditions your solar input will be 400W.
Exceeding amps is ok, by how much is not specified. Exceeding 60V is specified and noted as “will damage the unit”, Do not do… The other point of note; Is the 40V your panels Voc or Vmp and is it a nominal 24V panel? A panels output is calculated by multiplying its Vmp x Imp = W. :)


Thank you so much for your help, Ktt and Mandp! After reading your comments, I immediately plugged my AC180 to the panel and got ±260W (about 4pm, +8GMT, indirect sunlight because I haven’t installed it yet). I live in PH and it’s blazing hot here. I’m so happy I can use this panel to charge my AC180.

For Mandp, it's a single big panel with the following specs:

555W ±3% Pmax
49.72 ±3% Voc

Our country uses 220V at 60Hz.

Again, thank you guys so much for your help.


Happy to help, I’m only using 2 150W nominal 12V panels in series or parallel, I have splitters wired both ways. But I also have a vehicle mounted 375W inverter (Victron). I already had the panels so, not worth the expense of buying more as I travel and it’s extra weight. :)

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Not a problem jayar enjoy your free electricity glad it’s all worked out :zap: