AC180 Burnt plastic smell coming from the fans

I just received my AC180 on June 30. Whenever the cooling fans turn on, the device produces on a strong burnt plastic smell. It’s *not quite burning wires/smoke bad, but it is approaching the kind of odor produced by a soldering iron. It is strongest when the fans are on high, but it is noticeable even when the fans are on low for just 1-2 secs. When charging or powering a high drain device the smell is enough to quickly fill a room. I am worried about using this in a small enclosed space like my car.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Same here. The smell is bad and kinda alarming. I noticed it when I used my convection roaster 1.2kw but it cooked well on 25minutes.

All units have a strong “factory” small when new. Mostly from solvents from the electronics and the coating that is sprayed over the electronics to protect it from moisture. It is normal and will go away in around two weeks.

You may want to ventilate your room a bit more when the unit is new to get rid of the smell.

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@bluetti_ray_rey99hotmailcom Generally, the smell will appear after the first few uses, I suggest you use it for a while to see if the smell dissipates.