AC180 Bluetooth problem

I cannot connect my ac180 to Bluetooth to operate via the app.

I can see the device on my phone and in the app but the connection always times out when trying to pair.

While the FAQ assures me AC180 is Bluetooth supported, this message (pictured) is also in the app.

Help plz

Here are some solutions for you:

  1. The APP should be updated to the latest version
  2. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth of mobile phone to try
  3. If you still can’t connect, log out of the account and try offline mode to direct Bluetooth connection to see if you can connect to the machine. If you can connect, it may be that the mobile phone signal is not good, because after logging in to the account and binding the device to connect to the machine with Bluetooth, the mobile phone network signal needs to be maintained.
  4. Re-download the APP and try again

Phone reset and a redownload of the app has solved this thank you.


@bluetti_paulvladegrabovacgmailcom Thanks for your update.

How turn on bluetooth on the machine (AC180)? I don’t see such a feature described anywhere in the manual.
When I turn on the AC180 no Bluetooth Icon appears. Instruction manual states “For more details, please refer to BLUETTI APP INSTRUCTIONS.” I am not sure where to find these instructions.

My AC180 is powered on – no Bluetooth Icon is showing – I am operating the Android 8.0 device in Offline Mode – Google Play downloaded Bluetti APP 2.1.0. – I attempt to access via the recently downloaded app and it says: “No available devices found.”

In the Welcome section of the Bluetti App it states "Please make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone and Bluetti device. Android device is bluetooth enabled and functioning perfectly to a Simpli Safe Alarm setup via bluetooth.

How do I enable the Bluetti AC180 Device for bluetooth?

Many Thanks!

@Optimystic I’m sorry you don’t need to turn on the bluetooth of AC180. Make sure you’re near the AC180, turn on the Bluetooth of your phone (make sure the phone has not been connected by other device), AC180 can conenct Bluetooth automatically.


I have the same problems. Suddenly my phone app will not saw the AC180 and the app version is 2.1.1. I am also install the app on the 2nd phone and still cannot see the AC180 on the Android App. Please advise how to fix the problems?