AC180 + B80 connection with DC7909 cable

How do I make the AC180 work with the B80? The AC180 is 100% drained, the B80 is fully charged, and they are connected with the DC7909 cable. What do I do now? I have tried to search for instructions but no joy.

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The on button on the B80 was held for more than 5 seconds to activate the power bank.

Not charging the AC180 even after an hour.

Does this mean the B80 is faulty?

Hard to tell from the still photo, but I am correct in thinking that you may have thought that by turning on the DC output of the B80 that would charge the AC180?

If so that is not the correct way, the DC output button doesn’t control the B80 output from the connector on the side of the unit.

You need to turn off the B80, then power up the B80 by holding down the power button on the B80 until the power light flashes, approximately 5 seconds, this will force the B80 to enter Power Bank mode.

You should then also see the small symbol on the AC180 come on, top left hand corner of display, allowing the B80 to charge the AC180.

Hope this help.

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Sorry forgot to mention that if the B80 doesn’t enter Power Bank mode by holding the power button down for approximately 5 seconds the B80 is faulty, I have had to return one for that reason.

Hopefully not the same for you.

Thanks for your reply. When I hold the B80 power button for more than 5 seconds, I get an icon in the top right corner of the AC180 screen for about a second, and then it clicks off, and the red battery symbol comes on, which means the AC180 isn’t charging. This is the sequence of screenshots taken from the video:

I meant the top left corner of the screen (the other right).

Disconnect the B80 from the AC180 and make sure that it enters Power Bank mode and stays in it.

Remember to look for the flashing green power light on the B80 this indicates that the B80 is in Power Bank mode.

If this occurs, then connect it to the AC180 and see what happens.

For the B80 to “stay in power bank mode”, does the green power button need to be flashing continually, or just once?

The B80 power button will flash constantly at a slow rate when it is in Power Bank mode.

I have 2 B80’s that function correctly and one that I had to return as it would enter Power Bank mode, causing the indicator on one of the AC180’s to come on then go off.

Exactly what seems to be happening to you unfortunately.

However the B80’s sometimes can be a little slow to enter Power Bank mode, one of mine enters it very quickly where as the other seems to take several seconds longer.

Just ensure that you hold the power button down until the green light of the power button begins to flash, sometimes a little hard to see with your finger on it.

Yes, thanks, the B80 power button just flashes once when held for well past 5 seconds. The input icon comes on briefly on the AC180, and then you can hear it click off. Might this mean the AC180 is faulty as well?
Thank you for your input.

As soon as the B80 power light flashes have you taken your finger off the button?

If you leave it on too long it will exit Power Bank mode.

As mentioned one of mine is a little harder to get it into Power Bank mode.

Assuming that you have done all this it appears that you have a faulty B80 like I did.

I would say that your AC180 is not faulty, the clicking noise you hear for a brief time is the relay activating on the AC180 when it senses for a brief time input from the B80, however as you have stated it doesn’t stay on due to no constant output from the B80.

Thanks so much for your help.

No worries.

Let me know what the outcome is for you.

Activating power bank mode on the B80 can be a bit frustrating until one has done it a few times. I would either press the power button too long or not long enough. :) After pressing for five seconds, release at the first “flash” and be patient, the slow pulsating will begin.

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Yes, that worked. I don’t know why, as I tried turning it on 12 different ways and no luck, but you are right: if you let it go exactly when it starts flashing, the pulsing begins in a few seconds and the charging mode works. Thank you.

Happy it helped! :+1: