ac180 and wifi verses bluetooth.

i was told this has wifi, how do I set this wifi up? no where do I see area to enter password for a wifi. all I see is blue tooth and that has a very limited distance.

Not an expert, but I have the ac180 and as far as I know it does not have WiFi. I just searched the manual to double check and it doesn’t mention it at all. Is it possible what you where told wasn’t soemthing about wireless charging?

Sorry, AC180 doesn’t support WiFi connection.

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Seems the bluetooth with bluetti ac180 is very poor quality low range of power causes short dustance use.

Can i plug in a wifi, blue tooth extender antenna to the usb ports? Will it allow the bluetooth to be extended.

Please advise! Bluetti monitor is engineering working on an improvement for adding an antenna to extend blue tooth range ?

Has anyone found a usb plug in wifi adapter midem router rmthat may work?

Also do you know of any updates to give tbis auto on and off when battery is low?