AC180 and non Bluetti Solar Panels

Hi, I recently bought the AC180 with a PV200 and using it as off grid solution for some of my appliances at home. I would prefer not to have my Bluetti panel outside all of the time so can I connect a 250W rigid solar panel to the AC180? Ideally, I would like to run both types of panels in parallel or as sequence but can also have it as stand-alone panel.

Rigid panel specs are:

  • Max power point 18.5 Volts 13.78 Amps
  • Short circuit current (ISC) 14.15A
  • Open circuit voltage 22.38v
  • Anderson plug connector

A few questions:

  • Is this possible to do?
  • Do I need a MPPT solar regulator and if so what Amp?
  • Do I need an Inverter or is the Bluetti one sufficient?
  • Can I use a MC4 to Anderson connector on panels?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Pete, welcome to the forum!
While it’s possible to connect mismatched solar panels, it’s generally not the best practice unless there’s a specific reason to do so. It can lead to reduced efficiency, potential power losses, and can even risk the health of the panels. If you do need to mix panels, ensure they are as closely matched as possible in terms of voltage, current, and power ratings.
Your AC180 already has an MPPT built in. It has 500W Max., VOC 12-60VDC, 10A. In ideal sunlight conditions, your AC180 can only draw 10amps out of your panel’s 13.78, meaning a max output of 185W instead of 250.
Your AC180 already has all the pieces: MPPT, charge controller, battery, inverter. If you wish to invest to upgrade your setup, I’d suggest you get a second hard panel of the exact same type, and mount them in series. You’d reach 45Voc, which is below the safety margin of your input range (we usually say 10% below the max Voc, as it is rated at 25C, colder weathers increase the voltage.
Yes, just double check the polarity before connecting your unit.