AC180 and fridge

my AC180 allows me either to operate my compression cooler for 3 days or my fridge for 14 hours. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Nice! I’m envious. I’m out of luck with a built-in. :-1:

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Now that’s very impressive.

Wow, thats a big fridge.

14 Hours is a long time, never had a power outtage that takes this long so far.^^

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Modern Fridge units are way more energy efficient than before, with soft start up compressors. Older models would throw the breaker on a gas generator; you had to size the genny for that power surge. My side-by-side GE Adora only shows up <200 watts while the compressor is running, then drops to zero for a long time.

It’s starting to pay off spending more money on energy efficient appliances.