AC180 & AC70 Charging Mode Differences

I have several AC180’s which all perform as expected when switching between the different charging modes when charging via AC power, however it doesn’t seem to change the rate of charge when using PV input.

However, the newly purchased AC70 changes input charging rates of both AC & PV when charging mode is changed.

All updates of firmware have been installed on both the AC70 & Ac180’s.

Anybody else noticed this?

Among the three charging modes, only the silent mode prioritizes noise and will control the charging power of both AC and PV.

The standard and fast charging modes will only control the AC charging power.

Appreciate the response.

However, what you wrote is not correct.

On the AC70 , if you change the charging mode, the PV wattage increases.

I have around 480watt going into the AC70 PV input when set to standard mode, and if I change it to silent mode, the charge rate drops to around 200watt.

So, in summary, the charge mode changes PV and AC inputs.