AC170 clicks on low solar input

My Bluetti AC170 clicks on low solar input. Current firmware:
ARM: v2082.10
DSP: v2085.05

In another discussion [of the AC200L with the same issue] a response from Bluetti Care:
DSP v2130,10 will reduce relay switching frequency. I will send the firmware update for you to test.

Would that firmware also fix the AC170?
Thank you!

My new AC200L does this also. I just replaced my AC200Max with it and this morning I heard constant clicking for at least 10 minutes that I never heard with the 200 max. The 200L is 2 days old now.

@BLUETTI_CARE Is there any firmware for the metioned unit to reduce the relay clicking?

@bradleyk I think you’re refering to AC70, right?

You can update the DSP firmware to v2085.06 to test. Please provide me with the SN.