AC100 compatible with SP200?

I was asked the question on Amazon as to whether or not the SP200 would be compatible with the AC100. I don’t have an AC100. But after comparing specs, it appears to me that one SP200 panel could be used to charge an AC100. Anyone have conformation of this one way or the other?

It should work. The AC100 can input 16-40v and the SP200 is 24 volts so I don’t see any issues.

I don’t have have an AC100 but do have some SP200’s and they work fine with my Bluetti’s that have similar input specs.

Thanks, Eric. I have some SP200s and a few different Bluetti units but not the AC100. It looked to me as if an SP200 should work with the AC100, but I just wanted outside confirmation before providing an answer to someone spending their money.