AC to solar input

I know the AC200MAX can take 900w solar.

Has anyone used one of these to supply AC to the solar input?
Is it ok to use one of these and does the Bluetti only accept the 900w even though the AC to DC converter is 1000w. Will the Bluetti accept the 12v ok? New Version AC to DC Converter 12V Power Supply, EAGWELL SMPS 120V AC to 12V DC Converter Power Supply Switch 12V Transformer Max 83.4A 1000W : Electronics

…Or the 24v model? BOSYTRO 24V Power Supply 1000W AC to DC Converter SMPS 41A Switching Power Supply Adapater Transformer for 3D Printer, RV, Led Strip, Motor Pump, CCTV, Electronic Instruments, Lab Computer : Electronics

Couple of things.

Only DC power can be supplied to the solar input.
You would be limited to around 100 to 175 watts of 12 volt input depending on the bluetti model.
You would be limited to 24V X the amperage input limit while using the converter for solar input. If the power supplies shown were 48 to 60 volts of output, you may get closer to the 900 watt mentioned.
The Bluetti will only accept the max solar input limit stated regardless of the wattage input.

Thanks Scott.
So what you are saying is even though the 12v AC-DC converter can output 83.4 amps (1000w) the AC200MAX will only charge at 100 to 175w?

You will be limited when charging with 12 volts to 8.2 amps maximum which is about 100 watts regardless of the source of 12 volts connected. To increase the watts of charging power, you will need to increase the voltage to 35 volts or higher. The 12 volt charging is covered on page 12 of the AC200 owners manual.

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Ahhh got it now. So 15a x 60v would give me the 900w.

So something like this would probably work?

1A - 15A 36V 48V 58.4V 72V 60V 67.2V 84V Li-ion LiPo Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Charger Lead Acid Curren Adjustable Fast Charge 20S - AliExpress

That should work unless the charger requires a minimum voltage present from the Bluetti side (simulating a battery) in order for charging to begin. But yes, 60V or even higher would work well.


If using solar panels with micro inverters that produce AC, would an AC to DC converter work to charge an AC300 with 2 B300 batteries thru the CP2 input?
I assume that AC from the micro inverter solar panels cannot be connected directly to the AC input CP1?
Also if charging via both solar and AC grid power at the same time, does one input take precedence in the sequence of charging, or do they both operate simultaneously? It would be nice if solar would charge first, and then grid would kick in if there was inadequate solar.

Is there already a dropdown module which is compatible to the AC200Max?