AC Power Glitch

I have consistent AC power glitches on my EB3A. I’ve determined that it mostly happens when powering my load in UPS/passthrough mode (have shore power connection and the battery is fully charged). Power will glitch such that it’s not noticeable on the EB3A screen but all the connected components go off line and back on immediately.

Description of the setup: (3) TV’s, (2) Dish Receivers, (1) Dish Antenna, (1) sound bar, (1) Roku Device; max power draw on this setup is 260 watts.

I’ve searched the forum and seems similar problems have been discussed and corrected with a FW update. My product details:
ARM Ver: v2057.11
DSP Ver: v2056.10


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Hi @richseananderson

Maybe @BLUETTI_CARE can have a look at it and provide you a firmware that solve the issue :slight_smile:


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@richseananderson Thanks for your information. I will push the firmware for you to test in 24 hours.

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Updated. Will test for 24 hours.

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@richseananderson Looking forward to your update.

@BLUETTI_CARE , I have fully tested the new FW in both UPS and battery mode and have zero failures. Problem appears to be resolved. Thank you for the prompt response and follow-up! Assistance from this community and the response from the care team are the reason why I will choose Bluetti for my next purchase as well!



I am having similar problem. I have passthrough charging and only have 200 watts ac (tv/game console), and a portable fridge less than 60 watts when on high DC. It clicks and turns off the TV but the game stays on.


Arm 2062.03
Dsp. 2056.12

You should tag bluetti_care with your s/n, arm and DSP versions to see if you need to update firmware… The firmware update resolved my issue.

Thank you I just did.

@TenkaiSteal Please check DSP205414,ARM206205. Looking forward to your update.