AC Power cord question

Does anyone know what exactly the difference is between the AC Power cord and the Generator charging cord?

I need to replace my AC power cord… But the Generator charging cable is the only one for sale on the website.

I got an extra cable that came with my EP500, I will sell it to you if you need it. What happen to your cable?

Hi rasher,

Thank you for asking.
Both of them can charge the EP500/pro. The difference is the generator cable shields the UPS function to prevent some fuel generators with non-pure sinusoidal output from affecting the power output quality of the EP500/pro.

I own a EP500pro (EU Version) and it comes just with the AC power cord. Do I need the special Generator charging cord to load with my Honda EU22i? Or asking another way, are there differences between those cables?
Maybe this Generator charging cable would be solves my problem, that charging over Honda generator not starts (just endless relay clicking - no starting), if I have consumtion out of the AC output at the same time?
Or maybe do I have to change the mode (USV mode) to get it stable?

Greetings from Germany and sorry about the poore english

Can you clarify something for me, please? I have EP500 pro and I just purchased the generator plug. The generator that I have produces 5500 watts total; can I plug that into the EP500? I am thinking I can, after all, I can plug in my refrigerator that only needs approx 300 watts and have no issue. Just want to double check. Look forward to your reply. Thank you!