Ac power accidently turned off while viewing the app

While viewing my AC300 via the mobile android app. I accidently turned the power off to my home. Found out several hours later when my wife called to inform me. I suggest having a prompt saying (Are you sure you want to perform this action) before actually turning off. Very easy to unknowingly swipe with your finger while using the app.


Hi @rayh698 , Feedback has been received and our app team is currently working on a solution, will be improved soon, thanks!

This happened to me twice, and I swear I didn’t even swipe the AC button! Got no prompt asking about wanting to shut it off either. It just did.

Right now my main concern is that the “new updated app” still isn’t working well. At least last week it didn’t work worth crap! I got it working, BUT, only on bluetooth, even though the main panel on the AC300 says it’s connected to WiFi, it WILL NOT work on WiFi at all! Very frustrating. And there is still the same login problem regarding “need a valid email address” so I can’t even login to try to get WiFi to work. Gosh I wish they’d get this fixed and fixed RIGHT.

I had this happen this week with my remote AC500 … few hours drive to turn it back on as it also powered all the network equipment at the remote site!

So yes please add a confirmation screen in the app for AC (or DC) off please. The touchscreen on the device does this so I think it isn’t unreasonable for the app to do the same.

Thanks in advance

To implement this feature is really urgent! A wipe on the screen and everything is off!

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