Ac overload due to starting power

The Bluetti may go into ac overload due to the starting power of the fridge or a/c. What do i then do to ‘un-trigger’ the overload? How can i avoid this again?

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Hi Prolabor,

Thank you for contacting us.
May I know the power and the voltage of your fridge?

To reset the AC outlets, turn off the AC on the display and turn back on. You can avoid this again by not plugging a device in the AC outlets that exceed the capacity of the AC output of the AC200P. (Assuming that is your model)

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If your fridge is out of the range of application, in order to protect the unit, please stop using it.

You can avoid this again by buying a more efficient model. Older appliances use an AC motor which has such a heavy startup. Newer appliances use a DC motor that starts slower and accelerates slowly until it reaches maximum power. My A/C, my clothes washer and my clothes dryer all startup slowly and never put a surge on the power lines.

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You could also install a “soft start” onto your appliance I help the initial start. Many RV’s have these installed to help with those initial surges.

We had this happen with an A/C. We ultimately had to get a new one, because the surge wattage was almost double, and caused an overload. The new one we got is way more efficient.