AC Output draws energy when idle, but the display says Output is still 0 Watts

When I enable the AC Output I know the AC converter will draw some amount of energy even when in idle, because the battery will drop around 5% until the eco mode will automatically disable the ac converter.

But why does the output say 0 watts? this reading is inaccurate. I think it would be more honest to say how much watts the ac converter draws when the ac output is turned on.

I believe it’s technically possible, right? I think it could confuse customers, because they might think their product is faulty.

Thank you very much for your time!

I also noticed the display says the LED will draw about 2 watts on high setting. Thank you very much for that!

@DaterTheAndroid I’m sorry the self-consumption under on-load conditions can’t be displayed. For AC output, if the AC output is too low, it will not display on the screen. But for the DC output, even if the output is low, it will display.

Thank you for replying to my thread! :blush:

I thought it would be an easy firmware update to make it display the AC idle-power consumption. I calculate the power consumption when idle have to be around 10 watts. Did you check with your hardware/software engineers?

@DaterTheAndroid Yes. I have checked with software engineers. The self-consumption can’t be displayed.

Ok. Thank you for taking the time to check it.

I too would like it to show total consumption, but understand that it cannot based on current design. That is likely because the current meter is on the inverter output and not straight from the battery. Note that if that’s the case, then actual battery power consumption is likely 10% higher than indicated power as the inverter is not 100% efficient.