AC Load (230V) although battery full and no load shown

I have an AC300 with one battery pack.
I have selected “PV for UPS” (PV is priority UPS) and my Battery is much more filled than selected SOC.
I have connected both PV and house AC.
It is day and PV is loading or it is day and PV is not loading (doesn’t matter).
I have connected AC devices with 80W (120VA) usage.

I have connected a power consumption measurement device (Voltcraft) between bluetti and my house AC to measure how much energy I need from house AC

Although there should be no AC usage (as shown in Bluetti App):

I have always in incoming usage of about 5-10W from my house AC.

So the Question is:
Why does the Bluetti AC300 always “load” via power cord house AC although only battery should be used?

This will be round about 7kW per Month wasted energy…

I connected my “kill-a-watt” meter to the AC500 that is set up for PV Priority. It’s not supposed to draw any grid power unless the batteries drop to 30%; Mine are at 80%. The meter shows it is indeed drawing 3 to 5 watts, so maybe 96 watts per 24 hour day.

While this is not terrible, some of us want to see how the system works in a real world blackout. I pulled the plug so it can’t draw any grid power at all. Since it’s running my fridge I’ll have to keep a close eye on battery drain during the night. I don’t know if it will beep if/when it wants to switch over to the grid, but can’t.

I watched my stats last day and it is 0,212 KW for a whole day - no load from grid needed as it was a sunny day.
So it would be a bit more than 6 KW a month for “nothing”. Compared to the 1 watt waste for my measurement device…

@claus80 Hi, In “PV for UPS” mode, it is normal to load via power cord house AC. If you want to use battery power instead, please select UPS time control mode.

I think there is still a misunderstanding (on my or your side ;-) ).

I have connected both AC power from public grid and one solar string with max 1200W

At mid day i have currently about 900W Solar Power and only 100 W Power drain due to Fridge and some other devices. At the same time my AC Power Input on Bluetti AC300 Display says 0W AC although my power meter tells me there are 4-19W (“jumping around”). Secondly I can see there a apparent power of 466 VA and 2A on my device:

I used a Voltcraft SEM6000 for measurement.

I have another (10J older) model from conrad - there seems to be no Load at all. So my current guess:
Maybe the high apparent power leads to a incorrect measurement - otherwise the Bluetti can only show apparent power…

I am very confused…