AC Grid Relay Failure


Can someone (@BLUETTI ), or anyone else explain a Grid relay Failure (error code 25/26) with an AC300? I have my AC300 plugged into an outlet (set to 7 Amps). but it is not hooked into a subpanel or grid tied. Just an Ac Outlet.

I had the AC300 trip 2 separate times about a week apart with the above errors.
In one case the Battery level was low and was feeding the AC Load (250W) via grid passthrough.
In another case, the battery level was 73% and Providing power via battery and/or PV.

What is very frustrating is that I could NOT clear the error code from the app and all the items hooked into the AC300 had no power and even worse the solar does not charge the batteries when this situation occurs. Can we get an App update that allows us to clear error codes @BLUETTI ?

I have decided to unplug the AC300 from the AC Outlet and hope someone could explain what causes this situation. Other note, I have the AC300 plugged into a trip lite isobar and an Emporia energy tracker that plugs into an AC outlet.
Thank you.

Look at this thread as well.
I added a surge suppressor to my input grid power.
Not seen that problem since.

I just seen that and reading the thread, at this moment - yes I do have a surge suppressor (trip lite) inline, but it could be caused by the emporia tracking plug I also have plugged in. So I might just unplug the AC completely and plug it in if I ever need to. It runs off solar 99.9% of the time, so far.
I will check the DSP version when I get home, since it doesn’t show on the app. Since I read that could be the problem, too.
Thanks for the info (@StingerZ16 )

I have DSP 4031.09 and read that 4031.11 version will help with the AC grid relay error, I have sent service support an email.

Hi @wtytke ,Given your suggestion of “clearing the error code through the application”, we have submitted it to the relevant department, but have not yet had a concrete answer. We will submit it again, thank you for your time.

Have you tried restarting AC300 and reopening AC on the screen when the machine has “Grid Relay Failure”

From Germany. In my experience with the AC300 works best when it never sees house ground or house neutral on the AC input charging circuit. I purchased a 3KW isolation transformer for charging and stopped my 0800 error code issues. The error codes (and subsequent damage to the AC300) comes when you have normal AC charging AND AC output used at the same time and the AC output neutrals are not isolated from house neutrals.

I setup three circuit essential circuits in the junction box. They are all switched separately with a double pole (Hot and Neutral) switch. Using this I isolated neutrals used on the AC300 output circuits from house neutral. Output ground goes to house ground. Hard wired to ground tie point. I am uncertain now about tying AC300 output ground with neutral to prevent a floating ground on my AC300 circuits house circuits. I am on my third AC300 and wish to keep it this time.

I wish Bluetti would publish a white paper on this subject

@BLUETTI , I have been able to reset it, but ONLY when I am where the AC300 is at. I can’t reset it when no one is at the AC300 location. This lack of being unable to reset the AC300 through the app is a very limiting situation; not only in my case but many others that need to drive many hours to the AC300 site to reset it.

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