AC Charger foe EB70

I purchased a refurbished EB 70 which arrived yesterday. It arrived with a 40% charge. I decided to charge it with the AC adapter that came with it. It would not charge. The display came on but showed zero watts input. The light on the adapter was green and the progress bar on the EB70 was static.

I tried using the cigarette charger and was able to charge it via my EB 3A no problem. Today I tried it with a solar panel and that worked fine as well. This leads me to believe that the AC adapter is the issue.

Looking at the back of the adapter I see it is a T200 - 420a500-0
Output - dc 42v - 5a

This seems excessive, which is likely the problem. Does anyone know what model this goes to? Not an EB70, right?

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It sounds like the ac t200 charging brick might be defective if its stuck on the green light and not displaying red, and your unit is only at 40%. Send an email to and include details of the problem at hand, your order number and SN for your eb70 unit, and they’ll take care of you.

I will add that although there is a few support staff still in the office this week, the majority of the @BLUETTI team is on Holiday until May 5th, so it might take a day or 2 for a response.

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Do not plug that thing in if it has 42V output. The EB70 max out at 28V. Plugging 42V can fry it. Measure it with a volt meter if you have one, the EV70 AC adapter should be 28V (or was it 24V?), definitely not 42V.

Thank you for this information! Appreciated!

That is what I thought. I am glad it didn’t fry when plugged in. Who thinks to check an adapter that comes with a piece of hardware before using it? I guess something to consider in the future. I had no idea there was even such a thing as a 40 volt AC adapter :-)

Update: I am happy to report that Bluetti responded to my email in a timely manner. After providing them with additional information they requested, I received an email saying that since I bought it on Ebay, I would have to contact Ebay. About an hour later, I got an email from another department saying they were going to ship me a replacement ac adapter. Maybe someone realized I purchased from the official Bluetti store on Ebay? In any case, UPS just dropped off a package with the correct 25 volt adapter. Overall, this issue was handled in a timely manner and without anything to complain about :-)

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That 5amp-40v adapter is the one I got with my EB240. I purchased the B80 expansion battery that uses a 200w AC adapter and I thought I could just use the one I had. Wrong, the volts are too high. The AC adapter I needed and you probably need is the T200S