AC Adaptor only providing ~1A

My AC200P quit charging at the full rate ~400 watts. Now its less than 50W. Anyone experience this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hi david300m,

Sorry to the problem.
May I know what’s the color of the light on the power brick? Is it normal when you charge the unit with solar panels and your car?

On the brick, the LED is Red.

I do not have solar yet, but I will test the car (12V) option and report back. Thanks

What is your charge % at when you experience low input power?

More data. Unplugging the AC power brick from the side, the LED goes green. I used the DC (cig lighter plug) on my 4runner, near rear of hatch, it’s rated at 120W. Plugged in it shows 14.6V, but no current, thus NO power going into the AC200P.

If the light is green, please get in touch with our customer service at : or They will change a power brick for you.

You don’t have “Car” selected in the settings menu and that is why no charging is occurring. What % of charge is your AC200P at. If it is in a high percentage charge state, all charging slows down.

I believe I had the car selected. I will check again. As for the brick charging slowly, the battery level is at ~40%. Added note: and no pass through…

Is there maybe excessive internal temperature (of the AC200)? High temps will also slow charging to minimize the heat. If heat were the issue you can turn the unit off for several hours and try again. The display screen will also show the AC power brick incoming voltage. It should be around 58 volts.

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