AC adapter doesn't charge the battey but supply the load

Hi all!
Can someone tell me why the battery is not charging whrn the load applied?
The load is 130W, and it shows the input power like 139W.
Battery is continuously flashing like charging but it empty.
If the load is 130W then another 70W must be used for charging, isn’t it?

@Alex5 May I know the SOC at that time? In normal cases, the EB55 can be charged and discharged at the same time (but it will affect the battery life).

Sorry, what is the SOC?
EB55 continuously connected to the AC and is using like a UPS to supply equipment when AC is absent.
It is used in war zone in Ukraine and is VERY important to have it fully charged to provide uninterrupted work of the equipment.
I appreciate any suggestion to solve it.

Battery indicator is flashing from 0% up to 100%

@Alex5 If the battery indicator is flashing from 0% up to 100%, that means the battery is lower than 20% and it is getting charged. Since the input and output power are about the same, the charging will be very slow, so it seems like it is not getting charged. Please disconnect the load, and fully charge the EB55 to test.

Hi there!
Load was disconnected and EB55 became charged up to 100%, the input power was 199W.
After that load (130W) was connected and at very beginning the input power showed 0W.
Then the input power was slightly rising.
Within several hours battery was discharged down to 20% and right now the behaviour as it was before: the input power shows 140W and battery indicator flashes from 0% to 100%.
So it seems the battery energy is using to supply load but not charging simutaneusly.
Pls provide a solution.

Hi there!
Any ideas?

Hey, guys from the support, any ideas??? Would anyone suggest anything???

While this forum is helpful for various situations, you should contact Support directly.

Hi, @Alex5

Seems it is common issue for EB55 because I have the same behavior when using the device as an UPS and have 24/7 connected to the grid.

Good news- probably there is nothing wrong with you charger or battery.

Bad news - probably its is an software error in the batrery meter, which causing the false “slow discharging”, which may shut the power-bank down even if it is actually charged (but battery meter thinks it is not).

Unfortunately, our devices doesn’t getting firmware updates, so this error can be fixed temporary via the full discharge-charge cycle.

Unfortunately the firmware can’t be updated at EB55 (confirmed by guys from the support)
It doesn’t support a “true” UPS mode