AC 60 overload

I had many overload of my AC60 when running my computer (quite powerfull) on it … what is the reason?

Your computer is requiring an electrical current in excess of the AC60 output capacity?

Hi @dimdom

So the AC60 does have a 600W Inverter. Even my computer with high specs Graphics card and CPU doesnt draw more than around 400W. Unless you dont have a PC thats all components on “Max Out” i would say the inverter should be able to power it. Interesting might be the surge power of the System, like when you turn on the computer.

To you have something to measure the power thats drawn from a AC Outlet? So you can see if its going above 600W or stay within the inverter specs



Thanks.Yes I have a big DELL workstation with the highest spec NVDIA GPU card but I measure max values around 400W only too when running GPU and CPU codes … is it the only possibility that such overload are due to some peaks close to 600W?

Really depends on how long this peak is. 1 - 2 Seconds shouldnt be a problem i think.

By the way, did you activate Powerlifting? This feature should turned off when using with a desktop

I turned it off already…