AC 300 split phase - need all 4 batteries for RV power

I just installed my 2 AC 300s in split phase with 4 B300s. I am totally off grid. I need 240 volts to run my well pump, which it does just fine. I would like to use an RV “cheater” cable with two 30 amp male connectors and 50 amp female connector for the RV. I need to have all 4 batteries available to power the RV through the evenings. Can I use a splitter cable to plug into both 30 amp outlets? If not, can I use a splitter on the 240 volt outlet to give me two outlets to use?

Hi @Fieldre , welcome to BLUETTI community.
You want to connect two 240V outlets, right?
But the P030A only has one socket for 240V, so you can use a 240V plug to plug into the socket at picture a and have an extra 240V socket.
P030A fusion box

When I plugged in my splitter cable , I received two errors. Low grid voltage and low grid frequency. I have no grid power connected at all. I plan to use the orange cable to provide 30 amp 120 volt.

![image|375x500] and (upload://whns0moXrNBN9aN7zry4F9ubogh.jpeg)

Hi @Fieldre , Is the frequency of your RV 50/60Hz?
If so, please see if the AC output frequencies of the two AC300s correspond.
You can try to switch the AC output frequency and voltage.

They are both set to 60 Hz and 120 volts. Should the gas generator be producing 240 volts for charging the ac300 in split phase mode or should it produce 120 volts? I have it on the 240 setting right now.

Hi @Fieldre , Please refer to the above picture we sent you. Only the “a” socket is output 240V, the other are 120V. if you do not use the splitter cable, directly plugged no low-voltage low-frequency error, that is, AC300 and P030A is no problem.
With the splitter cable but reported the error, if only in parallel will not affect the voltage and frequency, the current will be divided into two halves.