AC 300 solar charging does not start in the morning

My AC 300 has this problem:

  1. if it stays on at night and supplies energy, the solar recharge does not start in the morning, I have to turn off AC300 to start the solar recharge

  2. if I leave it on at night, but without load, after a few hours it loses the wifi connection, but in the morning it starts charging from the solar and the wifi connection resumes

ECO mode is off

for the rest I can charge it with my roof panels using the D300S which gives me 1.4 kwatt when the sun is out

Hi @tonino , Is your UPS mode set to standard UPS?

Thanks for the question , no, it is set to PV Priority UPS, but the problem I had even when it was on Standard UPS, already as soon as it was removed from the box it had this problem