Ac 300 Power button does not work while bluetti is on grid

ac 300 Power button does not work while bluetti is on grid
Has anybody seen this problem or solved it.


Are you trying to power it on or off? If you are powering it off, you have to disconnect it from the grid first. Disconnect the AC charging cable then you can power it off.

Thank you. Your answer is correct. I tried it and it works.
But my opinon is, that software hasn´t to correct my manual doing.
So if I press the power button to shut down the ac300 it has to do this.
There has to be no intervention from software. Else there has to be an emergency power off button, like it is in APC/Schneider UPS-Systems realized.

Or is there another possibility to do an emergency power off on the ac300 or/and B300
Thank you

I agree that one must be able to shut down the AC300 even if it is connected to the grid.

I put my AC500 on a dedicated circuit so its quicker and easier to flip the breaker than pulling the plug.

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Also my opinon, that I have to do this my with an bluetooth or dect socket plug like “avm Fritzdec210” as an emergency stop switch.

Thanks for your practical advice.

So I think there is a misunderstanding to my problem, because I have the suspicion that there are different systems of BLUTTI ac300/b300 in Europe, especially and in th US.
Maybe it belongs only to the BLUETTI app, but see yourself

There is no power off button.