AC-300 DOA and no answer at Bluetti

My Bluetti AC 300 arrived DOA. I’ve tried to contact Bluettie during their published business hours, only to get a recording that say’s I’ve called outside business hours. I tried to leave messages, but inboxes are full.

Anyone else have this problem?

You do have the AC300 connected to a battery…correct?

Yes, I have 2 AC300s and 4 Battery modules. I’ve tried various configurations, and can get one of the AC300s to work, but not the other.

Yes, to answer your question. Their customer service is about the worst in my entire life experience…that said the products I’ve gotten are excellent. I hope you get to talk to someone who can help you get up and running fast. Try tagging Bluetti in your posts, it seems to get their attention and they seem to respond on the forum better than on the phone.
Good luck,

Hi @Bluett , sorry for inconvenience caused.
You are setting the two AC300s to 240V split phase mode right? How did you connect them?
There is a How to connect two AC300+B300 to the utility power for 240 Volt Circuits document. Do you need it?
That way you can follow the documentation to troubleshoot if you are connecting the wrong steps or missing some parts.

Thanks for responding. Problem identified: I have a bad P090A cable. I’ve replicated the failure on the previously functional AC300.

Also, with the 2 AC300s, and 4 B300s I ordered, I only received 3 P090A cables.

I’ve left voicemail messages and sent emails. Please contact me through one of those channels as I’d like to order 2 more P090A cables, and I hope you’ll warrant both.


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@Bluett , Thank you for your confirmation. We have sent you a private message, please check it and reply to us with your email address. This way we can better help you to feedback to the support department.