AC 300 charging with AC cable

I have an AC300 and (3) B300 batteries connected. When I try to charge via the AC cable I see the correct voltage and HZ but no Watts. It will not charge. When I plug it in there is an alarm and two error codes:
011 "H-Bus Voltage High
012 BUS Voltage High
When I connect with the AP it shows “Voltage Sensor Failure.”
I have been communicating with Winnie via email and none of her suggestions have helped.
I can’t leave a message via phone for tech support or customer support. I am very frustrated and considering asking for my money back.

Hi @Tbear ,
In view of this problem that you said the AC port cannot be charged and 011 012 error is reported, we suggest you contact the support team again to provide the product serial number (located at the bottom of the machine) and relevant photos to return or exchange the machine for processing.
Thanks for your kind cooperation.