AC 200P Do Not Turn Off

Hi Bluetti, I have 3 Bluetti (model 150, AC 200P, AC 200MAX) the AC200P cannot be turn off, when the off/on button is push it try to turn off but 15 sec after turns itself on again. I am constantly charge it by solar or charging block since it has stand by voltage consumption. Any suggestions there are none errors notify. Raymond

Try to disconnect any input power and then turn it off.
I don’t have solar input but I cannot turn off my AC300 when it is on AC power. But when I disconnect AC power it turns off fine.

If the unit is completely off then there will be hardly any power consumption. However, you should charge it every few months because even when completely off the BMS may still draw a tiny amount of energy from the battery.

When the unit is on/standby there will be a significant idle power consumption. If this power consumption is higher than your solar input then it is better to charge it with utility power and then turn it off to store it until you need it.

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@Raymond If your machine is connected to the solar panel, it will automatically turn on as soon as there is PV input. It is recommended that you cut off all inputs when you want to turn it off.

You can’t turn it off as long as there is any power coming into the units. If there is any voltage coming into it via the solar or AC inputs it will turn itself on so it can manage charging the batteries. Only way you can actually turn it off is to disconnect it from the solar panels.

Thanks for all the recommendations, did try them all w/out success. Once the on/off button is push it seems to shut down but 15 sec later it starts the on process. No power input or output is activated and no error code is shown. A big mystery…


Hast du die AUSGANGE AC und DC auch ausgeschaltet?
Entferne mal alle Batteriekabel und stecke sie wieder ein.

Did you also turn off the AC and DC OUTPUTS?
Try unplugging all the battery cables and plugging them back in.