AC 200MAX - DC ports/wireless charger not working

Very strange scenario. Received. the Bluetti today, got it connected via Bluetooth, and downloaded the latest Firmware. Then turned on the DC/AC loads and the wireless charger wouldn’t work on my phone. Tried plugging it in via USB, but nothing. Tried other devices and nothing, no current readout it acts as if nothing is connected.

AC works fine, and so does charging the battery via solar or plugging it into the wall outlet.

Seems like those particular ports are broken or perhaps a wiring issue? Anyone?

And just to clarify, They don’t turn on with the App but do they turn on with the touch screen? If they dont work at all then theres an issue that needs to be addressed by bluetti.

have you turned on the “DC” outlets of which the wireless and non waireless chargers are part of?

Yes, I have many times. Tried with touch and app just in case the command was not being sent properly. It works fine with AC so I have to assume it s a Firmware or wiring (or DC wiring issue).

Yes, they turn on in the sense that it says it is available for load but only AC actually charges devices while anything on the DC (ports or wireless charger) does nothing and acts like a device is not present.

Not sure what you are pressing to turn DC on. First to confirm, you have the AC200P model which is what this group is. You state that you connected via bluetooth and upgraded the firmware but the AC200P does not have blue tooth or firmware upgrade capability. Can we start at the beginning: ??

1-What model of Bluetti do you have?

2-What specific button are you pressing to turn on the “DC” outlets (a picture of the button you are pressing with an indicator light showing would be helpful)

Hey Scott - I am using the AC200Max which is an improved version of the AC200P (to my understanding). So hopefully that clears that up. I am using the touchscreen to turn on the “DC” load. It does turn on as if it is working fine but… unfortunately, all DC ports do not recognize or charge any devices when plugged in. Tried multiple cords/devices just in case. Powered it off, and tried turning it on using the app on my phone (which controls it via Bluetooth)… same situation. But if I take the same device with the same cords and insert it into an adapter plug, turn on AC, plug itito the Bluetti, it does charge the device. Any AC outlet with any plugin device.

One last thing to try…when your AC200 Max is on, hold the power button down continueously for 10 seconds. Re-start in another ten seconds and see what happens. Have you tried any of the 12 volt output ports?

Tried it, but unfortunately, it didn’t work - it seems Bluetti is going to send me a new one after viewing my video. Fingers crossed that this one works well.

did you try any of the 12 volt output ports?