AC 200 MAX suddenly at 2%

Last night I left my AC200MAX (6 months old) with 96% load, I turned it off everything was off.
This morning it lit up on its own via the solar panel as soon as the sun rose. When I watched it, it showed 2% remaining charge while it was off and nothing plugged in??

Ok I’ll empty it at 0% and make a full charge with AC power, but it’s pretty amazing.


@wyse It is recommended that you run the machine through two full charge and discharge cycles first.
If the battery level jump is still large, please let me know your machine’s SN code
Yes, PV charging will activate the machine.


It seems I have same issue with my AC200MAX since few weeks. And yesterday night one more time. 62% at the evening, turned it off and went to sleep and this morning 0%… It’s not the first time, so I already tried to do one complete (continuous) discharge and charge. But the issue is still there. I’m now recharging from the grid… :-(.

My SN number is AC200M2219000001535. Can you help me?


@sgattlen Engineer has pushed a new firmware version to your machine, please update it to see if the problem still occurs.
(Login to your account and connect your device with Bluetooth to update.)

thanks, the fisrt cycle is done, i try the second and tell you more.

Nice :-) ! It was charging, at 37%. I updated with bluetooth and… 100%!
I will use it for a few days and see if the bug returns.

Thank you

Hi, after two full charge and discharge cycles, it seems to be ok.
I keep this under surveillance

Hello…i have the same problem…evening 100%, in the morning Battery SOC 0 %…please update the Firmware.
SN: 2211001933531
DSP 4005.07
ARM 4008.03
BMS 1017.02
HM 6037.03
BMS 1 1014.13
thank you…


I am sorry, but this morning my AC200MAX is at 7% load, yesterday evening it as @ 97%.
The unit was totally off this night.
Despite the double discharge full charge (with ac plug) made 15 days ago (see above in this post), the problem is back.

Attached are the software versions and serial number (SN:2226000680893)
Can you do something for me.

@wyse @Floh Received and thanks for providing the SN code. You are expected to receive a push notification of the firmware update within 5 hours.
Please keep an eye on the app and keep it updated at that time.

Ok, thanks for help.
Will come for feedback after.

thank you very much…i have updated, and we see was happend…

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Before upgrading, I charged the battery from 7% to 100%
It took only one hour, which confirmed the problem.
I am of course convinced that the battery was not at 7%.

The upgrade was ok.
Now it’s under surveillance.
Have a great day.


Привет. Такая же проблема с моей машиной. Калибровку проводил. Мой s/n 2243000886801
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hi, now 15 days. I think the problem is resolved. No more drain during night (Off state).
I hope it stays that way
Thanks for the help

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Have the same problem of return to 0% during the night - no solution found …

Did you try new firmware ??

Unfortunately, I have the same problem with one of my to AC200MAX.

Yesterday evening 39%, today in the morning just 6% left.

Not the first time and I already tried to discharge and recharge via grid.

Could you please push a firmware update to the machine?

my SN is 2221002138875
DSP: 4005.07
ARM: 4008.03
BMS: 1017.02
HMI: 6037.03

thanks a lot for your support
best regards

I have had the same problem 3 times in the last month. Please push a firmwate update, hopefully that will resolve the problem.

Model: AC200MAX
SN: 2246000393301
DSP Version: 4005.07
ARM Version: 4008.05
BMS Version: 1017.02
HMI Version: 6037.04

@BluettuSupport: I’d appreciate your quick help.

thanks and best regards