AC 200 MAX : Maintenance Battery Tips

My unit maintains 90% - 100% percent Charge Daily only using Solar
While charging components . ( at moment while its sunny )

Question is it a good idea to let unit discharge completely at times or
What is recommended to to get the most , longevity out of the Batterys ?

Unit is powered off completely in evening at moment .

Supposedly this type of battery chemistry does not develop a memory and does not need to be fully cycled. Personally I feel like I need to do it anyways. I would never take mine to zero but for me it just seems like a natural thing to draw it down to 10 or 20% every now and then.

Well, it may be overkill with LFP batteries, but for maximum longevity, it is usually recommended to store at about 40-70% capacity, but if you are using it for home backup, you will want it closer to full, like 80-90%.

Also, the usual recommendation is to fully deplete and recharge about once every 3-6 month.