Ac 200 max charging question

Love my ac 200 max I received it 1 Dec 2023 and have a question about an interment issue when charging. When charging either with pv or ac or both ac and pv most of the time it seems to stick on 95% charged for an hour and a half to two hours then goes on to 100%. Occasionally it will just continue to 100% normally. Just curious if this is normal or if I have an issue. Thanks for any input


@buddy59 To protect the battery, trickle charging is performed when the battery is almost fully charged. I think it is normal.

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Thank you for your reply. That makes sense except it doesn’t do it all the time.

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@buddy59 You can check if the latest BMS firmware is available for upgrade. After upgrading, please do a full cycle of charge and discharge. We have a new firmware 1017.04, do you want to test?

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The firmware 1017.04 works very well, see my test result.
Thanks Bluetti

Thanks. My ac200Max doesn’t not support 1017.4, and it only supports 1010.8
1010.8 did NOT work for me (I still see 30+% differences between internal and external batteries), so Bluetti is continuing work on another BMS version that will hopefully resolve the charge/discharge differences.

My current BMS version is 1017.03 and I’m not seeing any update available on the app. Unit is working flawlessly in other aspects. It just confuses me that sometimes it goes straight through but most of the time it will stick at 95% for 1 to 1.5 hours then go to 100%.