AC 200 MAX car charger fuse

Hi I blew the fuse in the car charger-Having a difficult time finding and also getting Bluetti to help me. Where can I purchase the fuse? and what size is it as the person who was helping me with this lost. the fuse. I have tried Ace hardware but cannot find the correct size either too long or too short. Anyone have a link to one online? Thanks.

Just looked at mine. It seems to be a 15 amp fuse. Marked as F15AL250V.

UPDATE: Just googled it. apparently someone doesn’t understand the purpose of uniq part numbers since it brings up different sizes. Here’s a pic of mine for reference.

@asilshu Hey Lisa! Are you referring to the internal fuse within the 12v cig plug listed in this pic??


I dont have much experience with car charging the AC200max specifically with that 12v cig plug adapter, but have you considered possibly running a line directly to your cars battery system to improve your charging input? Theres tons of very helpful posts on this same topic here within the forum and might be something to look into if you plan on “car charging” your MAX long term. The “Standard” 12v cig plugs in cars are limiting your input to 100w or so (also potentially popping fuses as you have found, due to them not being really meant for charging items >3-5amps) and you could really increase your charging speed and have a more solid source if you ran a fused line directly to the battery and installing a boost converter. Just food for thought. :metal:

Yes. I assumed that was the fuse asked about in the original post.

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@rgb My bad Richard, I tagged the wrong person! haha Soo… @asilshu Lisa I’ll edit and tag you in the above response…