AC 200 MAX Bluetooth to WIFI converter

Has anyone tried with success a Bluetooth-WIFI adapter for the AC200 MAX?
Would really like to access the machine from other locations via WIFI

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I would be interested in that as well

I’m thinking of something along the lines of a Phillips Hue system (that uses a bridge
that interfaces with the Hue app that allows me to control my “smart” bulbs from anywhere
there is a wifi connection)
I suspect Bluetti could come up with such an accessory that would work within the
Bluetti app

This guy is a member here and he did it with the “Teamviewer” app. Its a work around and not a direct Wi-Fi connection. You connect via Bluetooth to a device that’s left near the Bluetti and then you use teamviewer to control that device remotely.


I came across that last week or so but had trouble setting it up.
maybe I’ll try again, thanks for the reply

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A really good solution although initially difficult to set up with a bit of a learning curve is using Home assistant and a VPN. I will briefly outline what is needed including some guides.

Hardware - Raspberry Pi or equivalent mini computer that can be left on permanently.

Home assistant with an MQTT broker. This can be installed as an Operating system or as a program. I run it inside a docker container.

If running Home assistant as an OS you can use the Bluetti2MQTT Add-on. If running software only without add-on support search for warhammerkid/bluetti_mqtt on GitHub.

Install WireGuard VPN or OpenVPN server on your Raspberry Pi.

After that is configured you can create a dashboard for monitoring and controlling your AC200MAX from home assistant. Connect to your VPN from your phone or a computer as a client and you can use the Home assistant App or Webpage anywhere in the world. You can toggle AC or DC remotely or set schedules in Home Assistant to do that for you. You could even use HA Bridge to link it to Alexa and create voice commands to turn AC/DC on or off.


thank you, might give it a try

Can confirm for other Units that HomeAssistant is a really great solution. The Setup Bluetti MQTT Setup isnt that difficult

I really don’t have much time to try this. But would pay someone to make this for new.