AC 200 L- Can it remain plugged into house current 120v for long periods of time?

I am new to the Bluetti Scene. I have been trying to master all the new information about this amazing product. I have the AC 200 L for the occasional power outage we have here in California. I have been leaving the AC 200 L plugged into the wall socket of 120v all the time. Is this ok? Should I occasionally unplug it and use it run the battery down and then recharge it. Thanks for your help.

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You can keep the AC plugged in continuously, then turn on the AC output to bypass the load through the grid.


Thank you very much.

That’s interesting but isn’t it essentially the same as just plugging whatever your item you’re powering into the wall. I don’t keep my unit plugged in because we have power surges here in my country and I already had some other electronics damaged from a surge. I only plugged my unit in the charge the battery then I unplug it when it reaches 80%. Not always but I try to make a habit of that today it reached 100% because I was taking a cat nap. \m/