ac 180

is there a way of setting a charge limit like on the ecoflow delta 2 which you can set to stop charging at a set limit like 90 percent

maybe a day after updating the application

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I think you could do it with Home assistant, bluetti-mqtt when it has full AC 180 support (which is being worked on), a smart plug, and a script.

I was thinking of doing something similar for the AC200MAX where it will turn on the AC charger when the battery drops below a certain percentage.

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thanks for the advice much appreciated :+1::+1::+1::+1:

I did set this up and it does work. I was hoping I could trigger the event from the battery falling below a certain percentage but it didn’t seem to work. For the time being I have an automation to check every 20 minutes and if the battery is less than 6% it turns on the smart plug and AC power brick. I have a separate automation that then turns the plug back off when the charge goes above 9%. Should prevent the Power station running out of power from Parasitic drain.