AC 180 with PV350 solar panels not much wattage

I just recently purchased the AC 180 with the PV 350 folding portable solar panels. For some reason I was getting around 300 to 320 W coming in at first and then I did the update and after that I’m only getting around 270 W is there something else I can do or is something defective?

@Precision The conversion efficiency of solar panels is typically around 80-85% under good sunlight conditions. It is quite normal for a PV350 to output 270W.
May I ask if the 300-320W and 270W you mentioned are based on the same sunlight conditions and time?

I had this same issue same sunlight conditions as I live in AZ why is this?

I’m new here, and i have a question about the PV350 Solar Panel.
I’m looking at purchasing an AC180P and PV350, and I have a question about the PV350.
Does each of the 4 panels have a kickstand? I have a Renogy 220 watt panel that only has 3 kickstands, and the panel without always sags, which aggravates me.
Thanks in advance for your time. JW

I have a PV350 and it does have a stand for each of the 4 panels.