Ac 180 solar working voltage 34v Open current voltage 42v I want to go 3 panels in series

3 panels in series would give me a working voltage of 53v max.
But when fully charged the solar panel will go on stand by to an open voltage of 62v.
Would I use a resistor or voltage regulator circuit to add a tiny little bit of load to keep bluetti reading 60v in solar stand by as not to trigger an overload.

3 panels in series is still not going to give me 500watts but I’ll get around 450watt instead of 340 watts I’m already at almost 10amps. So higher voltage is the only way to go.
How do I reduce this open voltage by 2 volts


I have a similar question. I have 3 panels in series currently and the VOC is about 57 volts. Once temps drop in the fall, I’m nervous the voltage will rise too high. All 3 together VOC are rated at 63 volts. I heard the AC180 can do 63-64 volts safely, but don’t want to risk it.

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