AC 180 just purchased and DC temp light blinking constantly when turned on.

Looking for some help regarding AC180 I received today. Turned it on was at 64 %. Plugged into outlet went to 100% in about 3 minutes. ?!? The DC button is blinking constantly and the red temp light is flashing. I just had plugged it in so I havent even used it. No booklet came explaining anf troubleshooting. On the app…i cant find half the stuff people are talking about under settings. I added the AC 180 on the app but I dont see where you change charging speeds etc. I watched the YouTube videos but I couldnt find any troubleshooting help anywhere. At this point Im so frustrated. Any ideas ?

@Jager1007 Could you please check if there is a error code display?

No, no error code. Just the red temp light flashing along with the DC switch. I unpacked it out of the shipping box, I havent used it yet.

Thank you for your help.

@Jager1007 Please press the AC and DC buttons, then press the DC to check if there is an error code. Also, please contact the after-sale support for repair.