A200max Throughput

Hi All,
I’m new to this site but was wondering is there anyway to see the Bluetti’s AC200 max’s overall thoughput. I.e, being to understand how many kwhs have passed though the unit overall, like a regular pv inverter can show, which will in turn give an understanding of how much longevity is left in the battery ?. Only had mine 2 weeks now but don’t see anything in the data or settings.

Also, is there a way to entend the bluetooth strength as mine loses signal from quite close range compared to other products in the house.

I don’t know if such a function exists.

The AC200Max is rated for 2000 cycles at >80% capacity. It is going to be hard to run that many cycles through it before something else breaks I think. Almost certainly not within the warranty period for most.

If you want to check capacity degradation, you can do a capacity check when it nearly new (charge it to max then drain it at say c/4 or 500w with a watt hour meter), then compare a future test against it later. Just make sure to do it around the same temperature.

Thanks for that Snowstorm, although I was under the impression that the AC200max was good for at lease 3500 cycles > 80% ?.
Strange that there is no way to measure what the battery has created over it’s life though. My regular solar system which has batteries can easily show this.

It seems as though the Bluetti app was an afterthought. It would be nice to see added functionality. Like throughput and the ability to keep track of solar production and power usage over time and not just real time. It would be cumbersome, but could you buy an electric monitor (like a Kill-A-Watt https://www.harborfreight.com/kill-a-watt-electric-monitor-93519.html) and just run everything through that? Or would that not give you the information you need?

Thanks for that MontAnna, the kill-A-Watt accessory is handy to know but like you say you would be restricted to running everything off one plug