A tour of my solar array for my bluetti

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. You must not get a lot of wind there. Those would turn into kites where I live…lol.

Not really windy where I’m at thank God.

Thank you for sharing.
Ironridge and Unirac both make ballast solar panel mounts. I’m using the Unirac because I did the install myself and didn’t want to drill into the roof.
What do you use the battery for? I have an ep500 and use it to power most of our everyday circuits. Having 3 380 watt panels works for us in southern Cal.

No problem. I use the Ac200Max and B300 to power most of my house. Including the kitchen, living room, office, two bed rooms, hallway, dining room, and two bathrooms. I live in So Cal too. I have the washer, dryer, and Gas stove on grid along with 4 outlets.

@andrew6103 awesome! Thanks for sharing this man!!

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