A Review of the customer support

I want to start by saying that it’s hard to find good customer support service and from the experience I’ve had with Bluetti, The team is by far~ superior! Not only do they sell top notch products, they also stand by them! I love the fact that other people across the world are being helped by bluetti with the same products too! Had no idea about the LAAF until doing more research and browsing the app. That’s fantastic :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
They respond quick and handle issues very professionally as well. I look forward to doing more business with them! I highly recommend, Ty Bluetti Team!:blush:

Solid products & extremely impressive support communication !:sunglasses:


Couldn’t agree more they are exceptional really friendly to chat to and know everything about their products.

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Except why the D40 step down converter is not available for sale

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Scott, You got me there lol but I believe that the D40 hasn’t been released yet after searching farther.