A Perfect Backup for Any Power Loss

:mailbox: Southern California


Bruce’s five-bedroom house faced high electricity bills and the need for backup during power loss.


BLUETTI EP900 residential energy storage system.


  • 9kW inverter, 15 kWh battery capacity

  • Savings on electricity bills with solar integration

  • Backup power for critical loads during outages

“The EP900 is fantastic! With solar and load scheduling, my bills are down 80%. It backs up critical loads, ensuring no disruption. The app control is a game-changer, optimizing efficiency.”

Ease on Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages

In this story, Michael, an employee of BLUETTI, takes us on a journey through our customer-Bruce’s experience in sunny Southern California. Bruce faced the common challenge of high electricity bills in his five-bedroom, three-bath home for a family of five. The escalating energy costs and the potential for power outages compelled Bruce to seek a solution that not only reduced his bills but also ensured uninterrupted power supply for his household.
With BLUETTI’s EP900 residential energy storage system (ESS), Bruce found a comprehensive answer to his pain points. The EP900’s 9kW inverter, coupled with a 15kWh battery capacity and existing solar setup, promised significant savings and the peace of mind that comes with backup power during outages.

Choosing BLUETTI: A Practical Investment in Energy Independence

Bruce’s decision to choose BLUETTI was driven by practical considerations. The EP900 seamlessly integrated with his existing solar system, aligning perfectly with the evolving energy landscape in California, especially under the new NEM 3.0 laws. These laws necessitate efficient energy storage systems to maximize self-consumption and minimize returns to utility companies.
The video highlights how BLUETTI’s EP900 serves as an intelligent investment, allowing users to store excess energy generated by their solar panels for later use. By doing so, users like Bruce can achieve up to an 80% reduction in their electricity bills or even eliminate them altogether. BLUETTI’s commitment to interconnectivity and adaptability positions the EP900 as an indispensable component of a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

EP900 in Action: Resilient, Efficient, and Convenient

The video showcases the EP900’s impact on Bruce’s daily life, illustrating how it backs up critical loads in his home, from powering essential appliances like fridges, microwaves, and pressure cookers to supporting larger loads such as washing machines, dryers, and even electric vehicles. The versatility of the EP900, installable both indoors and outdoors with an IP65 rating for protection against the elements, adds to its appeal.
Michael emphasizes the convenience of controlling the EP900 through the BLUETTI app, showcasing features like remote charge and discharge time settings for optimal energy efficiency. The EP900 emerges not just as a power backup but as a holistic energy management system, empowering users to take control of their energy consumption, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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