A new version of the AC180 or not?

I have a AC180 and know that a B230 can be plugged into it’s DC/PV input with the right cable.
While on ebay, I came across this. A AC180 & B230 or B300 attached with what looks like the same cable used by the AC200MAX and B230.
I double checked my AC180 and there is no plug on the left side. Is this a new version of the AC180 or did someone photoshop this?
It shows to be sold by “bluetti US”, which I think I’ve bought stuff from before.

You don’t say where you are, lol. I’m in Oz and here there is only the original AC180 sold at this time, I have one. There is an AC180P sold in the U.S. with a larger battery Wh and physical size.

I believe that at a recent tech show in the U.S. a further version was exhibited, not sure but, noted as an AC180T with hot swap battery packs. It appears that there is a lag for new products to hit markets outside of the U.S. :slight_smile:

This is in the US.
Looking at bluetti.com they show a AC180 and AC180P. Both includes images of the left side, and neither show a port for this.

@rgb Hi Richard,
AC180 does not have battery pack expansion function, and can only be used as a power bank mode. Whereas AC200Max can be expanded with B230. The cables used for these two are also different.
When B230 is used in power bank mode, it needs to use P090D-7909. The cable used for AC200MAX and B230 is P090A.

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I already knew all that since I have a AC180, AC200MAX and B230.
Did you see the picture? It shows the same cable used between the AC200MAX and B230 being used between a AC180 and B230. Why?

Sorry for misunderstanding and confusion.
Yes, there is no battery connection port on the side of the AC180. The battery pack can only be connected in the way shown below.

Thank you for pointing that out. I have informed the eBay department to request them to modify the picture as soon as possible.

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Thank you.
I’m sure anyone buying based on that picture would be disappointed.


@rgb good catch Richard! Its been updated on ebay and fixed the incorrect image.

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AC180 does not have a battery pack expansion function…Whereas AC200Max can be expanded with B230

That same ebay listing mentions "

  • Worry about running out of juice on your way to the next destination? Get your AC180 charged via expansion batteries
  • B80 (806Wh), B230 (2048Wh), and B300 (3072Wh) - to ensure a continuous power source of up to 4,224Wh,
  • which is sufficient to last your outdoor fun even longer.

…And I read something similar when I bought mine.

So is that wrong, and the AC180 can’t be expanded (with a B230)? Or are we talking about some specific way that the AC200Max can be expanded that the AC180 doesn’t support? If so, what’s the difference?

@ischorr This description refers to the power bank mode of the AC180 when connected to the battery pack.

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