💙A charm Reloading EB55 via Bluetti solar panel 💙

After working hard in the garden today…we’re reloading the EB55 directly from the sun using our PV-200w from Bluetti.
My humans asked me to supervise the operation. All went smoothly thanks for the “plug and play” connection.

:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: For information :blue_heart:I have noticed that Bluetti uses 16 “awg“ wires behind the pv.:blue_heart:


Good, make sure the hoomans don’t spoil that fine electrecity. The 16Ga wire is fine up to 13amps given its short length. An extension would be good in 12Ga under 50m and 10Ga under 150m.

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Yaaay, cat content! Enjoy your solar charged EB55^^


Sure will use 12 gage on extension cord, thanks for the advice. My humans use the EB to recharge all the battery powered garden tools during summer days.

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